How to Charge Dimension Wireless Headphones

Dolby Dimension™ can be charged in two different ways. The first and easiest way is to set up the Power Base and set the left ear cup onto the base with the charging contacts touching the pins on the base. When active or in sleep mode, you will hear an audio prompt and see all of the lights pulse briefly to indicate a connection has been made.

Plug the Power Base into an Outlet

When properly set on the Power Base, the Power Light will show in one of three ways. If charge is very low, the light will pulse orange. If power is not very low yet not full, the light will pulse white. When fully charged, the light will stay solid white.

Lights Indicate Charge Level of Wireless Headphones

If no lights are showing when on the Power Base, check to make sure that the headphones are lined up so that the contacts are touching the pins. Additionally, make sure that the microUSB cable is fully inserted into the rear of the Power Base until it clicks into place. The Dolby logo on the head of the microUSB cable should be facing up when inserting into the Power Base.

Plug microUSB into Dolby Dimension to Charge

The second way to charge is to plug the included microUSB cable directly into the port on the bottom of the right ear cup.

Battery Life

With key features of Virtualization and Dolby LifeMix™ enabled, Dolby Dimension will run for up to 10 hours. In Low Power Mode, which can be accessed via the Dolby Dimension mobile application, battery life can be extended to up to 15 hours. A 15- to 20-minute charge on the Power Base will provide two hours of playback (a standard feature-length film), and a full charge will take approximately two hours on the Power Base.

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