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Some of the best-sounding headphones I've ever put on.

- Edgar Alvarez

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Richer, more visceral sound, with better detail and separation.

- David Carnoy

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A piece of curvy, avant-garde sculpture

- Harry McCracken

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This is unlike anything I have experienced in headphones before.


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Dolby's Dimension headphones feel like a cloud and sound like a home theater

- Jacob Krol

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Built for technophiles, with excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, head tracking

- Will Greenwald

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LifeMix…is clever and practical for, say, parents who still need to keep an ear on their baby.

- Raymond Wong

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Loaded with features.

- Ryan Waniata

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Dolby Dimension wireless headphones offer high-tech audio that will literally take you to your favorite scenes, or enable you to chill out and listen to music

- Genevieve Scarano

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Amazon Reviews

Amazon Reviews

Excellent sound; crystal clear, easy controls, and very comfortable to wear all day

- Rav M.

I just got a pair of these yesterday and they are definitely the best headphones for movies.

- Amazon Customer

The Dolby Dimension headphones are truly stellar. The best I have ever used. The sound is unbelievable. The comfort is unmatched. And the build quality is on a whole new level. I am totally blown away.

- HD_Dude

The sound quality is exceptional and the comfort is as well. The setup was very simple and went off without a hitch. These are the best wireless headphones I’ve ever used and in my opinion well worth the price.

- Amazon Customer

I'm not a music snob but I know what sounds good and these sound great. Having three preset bluetooth connections is really nice and easy to use. The materials are very high quality.

-Kenneth K.

This is a game changing product. Dolby has taken headphones to the next level!

-Bruce R.

Customer Reviews Reviews

Another awesome product from Dolby

First let me say that the Dimension headphones are so amazing (I own Sony and Bose NC phones and Dimensions blow them away in terms of comfort and sound quality). Ever since I got them I was looking for a way to connect them to my TV and then this accessory was released. It’s awesome. Took one minute to install, one minute to pair, and now I’m using them every night. Never once have had a connection issue, audio lag issue, or sound quality issue. It’s flawless. Well done.

- Pete C.

Dolby Dimension creates a great sound experience

The crisp clear and vibrant sound quality adds another dimension to the music and video experience. I’m extremely happy I purchased these headphones and believe it is a great value for what this enhances to the sound experience

- Brian W.

#1 Headphones for LIFE!

The Dolby Dimension headphones capture every sound you want to hear and then some through music, media and video streaming. The controls on the right side of the ear cup are easily accessible for all functions. A truly immersuve experience.

- Denise Z.

Dolby Headphones

They sound absolutely Excellent. Wow!

- Bartley S.


Red Dot Award 2019 | Best of the Best

Red Dot Award 2019 | Best of the Best

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