Dolby art
Dolby art

Dolby art

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Hays _ Ryan Holladay

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A Study of Matter

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Dolby Collaborates with 32 International Artists

Dolby Art Series

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Dolby art and gallery


Dolby features the work of artists from all over the world who innovate in their own medium and use technology to create their work. The art installations featured at Dolby headquarters celebrate our passion for advancing the science of sight and sound through creativity, innovation, and invention. Dolby® Gallery, located adjacent to the lobby, features a curated rotation of audio/visual art displayed on a 62-foot LED screen. The space is equipped with Dolby Atmos®, including 52 full-range speakers managed with 34 subwoofers.


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Art installations

A study of matter

Substance: A Study of Matter is inspired by fluid dynamics and emerging systems in nature. VolvoxLabs is a New York based media design studio, lead by creative director Kamil Nawratil.

Attempting to delay the inevitable

Sophie Clements’s "Attempting to delay the inevitable" (2016) explores three pillars of movie making: the illusion of truth, the emotional and wondrous experience of ordinary things, and the seduction of the impossible.

Charlize Theron pushes a cart full of groceries in Los Angeles

Using a series of image-corrupting applications on his iPhone, Sloan created, “Charlize Theron - pushes a cart full of groceries in Los Angeles, January 5, 2015,” using a paparazzi photograph. What develops is a colorful, abstract image without any…

Dolby circuit board

The structure was made in three sections due to its size and scope, and the neon criss-crossed the panels, with power supplies hidden on the back.


Using Dolby Gallery’s extraordinary LED canvas as a window onto an alternate reality, Territory Studio's photorealistic 3D animation presents multiple narratives that visitors can engage with simultaneously. With its ambient soundscape rendered in…


Reza Ali is a computational designer, graphics software engineer, and new media artist with a master’s degree in multimedia engineering.


Reza Ali is a computational designer, graphics software engineer, and new media artist with a master’s degree in multimedia engineering.

Conversations from far-off places

Seeking to create a meditative space where the viewer can enjoy the playful beauty of evolving land(e)scapes, Mike Perry Studio offers a vibrant visual journey emboldened by a pulsating symphonic sound. Conversations from far-off places presents an…


San Francisco-based Kevin Byrd has been exhibiting his artwork across the country while racking up awards and fellowships for over 10 years now, focusing mainly on large-scale spatial light installations, 2D works on paper, and sculptural works…

Dolby art series

Jason Kofke

Jason Kofke grew up being known as the kid who could draw, so the idea of becoming an artist was always present.

Dolby labs illustrations

Amos Goldbaum didn’t set out to become known for making T-shirts of skylines. But after setting up shop curbside, the San Francisco-based illustrator gained a following from tourists and locals alike.

Drab verbiage

50 percent whimsical with minimal visuals and illustrations of the clumsy persuasion, and 50 percent meticulous layouts, grids, and typesetting, perfect for adding typographic flourish to Dolby patent language displayed on the walls of Dolby's legal…


"A wall of ears can evoke different emotions from viewers, potentially forcing you to consider the organ in a different way than you have before, and that’s the point."

Electric jellyfish

Dolby Australia's contribution this year is a large, fantastical creation called the Electric Jellyfish, a masterwork of light and sound. It's located in the courtyard of the Museum of Sydney in Circular Quay, about a block from the famous Sydney…

Daito Manabe

Award-winning media artist, DJ, and programmer Daito Manabe specializes in collaborative projects that incorporate music, dance, and interactive design.

You don't do heavy metal in Dolby

The font, Cinderblock, derives from the “You don’t do heavy metal in Dolby” scene in This Is Spinal Tap. Designed to achieve maximum vertical coverage.

Here and then

Here and Then is created using multiple light sources filmed simultaneously, with the capacity to move at several times the speed of sound.

Hiss region

As a designer and musician, Kokabi was perfectly tasked to create something to visualize Dolby’s sound technology.

Illustrated milestones in Dolby history

Kate Bingaman-Burt isn’t one of those artists who always knew they were going to be an artist. It wasn’t until she was halfway through college that she realized her varied interests.

Knob Wall

There are architecture firms and there are interior design firms, and now, thanks to Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup, there are architecture, design, and build studios.

Lenticular wall

He may call himself simply a “maker,” but Derek Bruno could also be called an industrial designer, sculptor, furniture fabricator, or simply an artist.


Leviathan’s Metamorphosis is an audiovisual odyssey that extracts brilliant color data from masterpieces of the past century to create an entirely new experience of art.


What do you get when you merge artistic design and new media technology? “Interactive art,” in Pablo Gnecco’s words.

Nature of Sound v2

“The Nature of Sound,” two original designs of his signature styles — geometric and colorful — that are meant to show the dynamic nature of sound without being representative.

Nature of Sound v1

When you’ve been in the creative industry for over 15 years like Rob Lowe has, you become a multi-hyphenate—in his case, an artist-graphic designer-typographer-illustrator-writer. You also earn a single name alias: "Supermundane." Most well-known for…


Dolby Gallery commissioned Berlin-based artists’ collective onformative to explore the relationship of movement and sound.


For Dolby, Shepherd created an installation of 20 CRT televisions (not your modern flat-screens) that he converted into homemade oscilloscopes.

Sabrina Ratté

Common Areas: Perspectives is inspired by the design of lobbies and corporate architecture. The artist places 3D environments side by side to suggest multiple ideas of the same space.

Prime4 Hays + Ryan Holladay

Prime4 explores the concept of memory and the process by which a memory is encoded, stored, consolidated, and recalled.


Fencing masks, the human face, and an original sound design come together in the latest installation to be featured in the Dolby® Gallery.


"Prime2" is the second installment in a series that explores the four stages of how we process memory. It references the way a specific memory might erode during the second stage, storage.

Ray Dolby Quote

“I’d say typography is the written version of sound,” remarks designer Brett MacFadden, cofounder of the San Francisco-based studio MacFadden & Thorpe.

Reflecting Waves

Cut/Copy’s Reflecting Waves exploits the unusually wide dimension of the screens in the Dolby Gallery to imagine strange, distorted landscapes that are almost overwhelming in their scope.


Playing computer games isn’t always a waste of time. Lucky for Siggi Eggertsson, he discovered that he could turn his two biggest hobbies — computers and drawing — into a career: graphic design.

Visual Study of Sound Layering

An abstract visual representation of sound moving within a space. Relative to creating an audio experience through the mixture of sounds and noise, color can be used in transparent sheets to build up a solid, brilliant hue.